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Personnel Selection

Brick-World Zambia Limited brands itself as the first employees’ choice. Though a fairly new construction firm, we have attracted some of best persons in the construction industry. We do this by encouraging employees to have a degree of ownership into the company and offering them attractive permanent and pensionable conditions of services.

The Company places a high premium on experience and academic qualification. We are fully convicted that in order for the company to stay par with the fast changing construction activity, then ably qualified and experienced persons are required. The company comprises a mix of young employees (mostly highly educated) and old (most of highly experienced).

Employees are classified into nine grades ranging from the lowest Brick-World Standard 9 (BWS 9) to BWS1, the highest level. The following are the classification of personnel:

* BWS 1 – Directors

* BWS 2 – Project Manager

* BWS 3 – Professionals (Engineers, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors etc)

* BWS 4 – General Site Foreman

* BWS 5 – Trade Foreman

* BWS 6 – Tradesmen (Fitters, Boiler Makers, Welders, etc)

* BWS 7 – Operators/Drivers

* BWS 8 – Skilled Operatives/Administrative Helpers (e.g. cleaners, office orderly)

* BWS 9 – Unskilled Operatives/Helpers