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Training Policy

The company aims to attract and retain key staff and continuously improve the workforce by targeting needy skills. Our policy is to undertaken relevant and beneficial training that matches the skills of employees with the needs of our company. Therefore, to us training involves close liaison between management and company employees.

We undertake training in the following keys ways;

Orientation or induction: its our policy that new employees are fully orientated to the activities of the company. New employers are usually passed round the company to acquaint themselves with the organization and the environment in which they are working.

Professional and academic Training: The Company encourages its entire staff to acquire a trade in any relevant field. Its our policy that all employees in BWS 9, without trade are required to be sent for craft training in machine fitting, welding and mechanic amongst others, in the 2nd year of working with the company.

The company offers sponsored academic and professional training opportunities at certificate, diploma and degrees levels to all eligible employees for period of one to five years.

Mentoring: we endeavor to use every training option available to us. Our company employs both experienced and inexperienced persons. Therefore, its agreed that more senior employees with greater skills in a field mentor the identified inexperienced ones. This is done by matching senior staff with junior staff.

Systematic Rotations: The Company aims to have multi - skilled persons that are able to attend to the changing needs. Employees move around the company learning different jobs and gaining a company view.

Involvement and Practice: we consistently aim to co-opt junior staff in activities that afford an opportunity to gain practical experience. One way we do this by involving employees in highly technical site meetings for construction project and request them to prepare site meeting report afterward.

Professional Membership: Its mandatory that all our eligible employees are members of professional institutes such as the Engineering Institute of Zambia amongst others. The company meets all membership costs for its employees. Membership to institutes offers our employees opportunities to learn from others through seminars, exchanges, professional meetings.